London apartment gets an advanced integration

Amy Wallington investigates the technical transformation of this three-bedroom London apartment.

It’s true that technology can not only make our lives easier, but also enhance our every day lives when integrated properly. The homeowner of this central London flat realised this and called upon integrator, Advanced Integration to help achieve this. 

Simplicity and ease of use were top of the criteria for this property. With no previous experience of home automation, this client wanted to make everyday life easier with fully automated lighting, shades and AV, as well as some upgrades to an existing entertainment system. 

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Luckily, the apartment was also having a full renovation from scratch which meant Advanced Integration were able to do all their cabling correctly instead of working around existing infrastructure. The renovation also eliminated any issues with the planning/design and installation processes. 

As the client was new to home technology, Advanced Integration acted as technology consultants and were able to guide the homeowner on the most suitable equipment based on their needs. 

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The integrator advised a Crestron system for this apartment. “The home automation system uses a Crestron CP3 processor,” explained Advanced Integration. “The lighting is also fully automated through Crestron and we installed engraved keypads for easier understanding. In order to ensure intuitive operations, we created a custom GUI and programmed bespoke scenes tailored to the client’s requirements. Everything is also accessible from the iPad which is installed on an iRoom Docking Station.”

Upgrading the existing entertainment system, Advanced Integration installed P60 6.5-in, P80 8-in and D65 in-ceiling loudspeakers throughout the apartment. The master bedroom also had a TV lift installed at the end of the bed from Future Automation, so that the client can hide the TV when it’s not in use. 

A ProofVision 24-in waterproof TV was also installed in the ensuite. 

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The integrator added: “The new system has intuitive control and simplifies their everyday life as everything is integrated and can be controlled from the same interface. Moreover, they are enjoying the new additions to the entertainment system and looking forward to further upgrades.”

Due to the homeowner being so pleased with the initial work done in the apartment, Advanced Integration has already been asked back for additional work. This will include building a full home cinema, distribution the AV throughout the apartment, and integrating an intruder alarm. 

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Tech Spec
Crestron CP3 Processor
Crestron Lighting with Engraved Keypads
Future Automation LSL-PF 3 TV Lift
iRoom Docking Station
Origin Acoustics Director D65 Speakers
Origin Acoustics P60 6.5-in In-Ceiling Speakers
Origin Acoustics P80 8-in In-Ceiling Speakers
ProofVision 24-in Waterproof TV