First look at IKEA’s Sonos-powered speakers next month in Milan

IKEA will reveal its Symfonisk line of Sonos-powered speakers at the Milan Furniture Fair, taking place 9-14 April 2019.

The Symfonisk range comes after IKEA and Sonos announced its partnership at the end of 2017 and IKEA has now announced it will be showing the first products in the speaker line up next month in Milan before the official launch in August. 

Neither companies have revealed too much information about the Symfonisk speakers and has so far only showed us a prototype. They have described it as a bookshelf speaker that provides music playback but also has multi-usage within the home and an extra purpose for home furnishings. 

The exhibition in Milan will give visitors a sneak peak of Symfonisk for the first time. 

IKEA’s focus at the exhibition will be on sound and light to create atmospheres within the home. The company has been working in the lighting field for a while now with the connected smart lighting system Trådfri as its latest addition. 

Moving into sound is IKEA’s new project, stating: “There’s sound, and there’s light. What if we combined them both? Two hugely important elements for creating the right mood around the home.”

BjÓ§rn Block, business leader for IKEA Home Smart at IKEA of Sweden, said: “Together with Sonos we wanted to combine our home furnishing knowledge with their expertise in creating great sound experiences for every room of the home, and in Milan we want you to experience the real difference that sound and light makes in your life.”