Gira introduces new retrofit surface-mount solutions for lighting and power

Gira has launched two surface-mounted solutions for the Gira E2 and Gira Standard 55 design lines.

Compatible with 300 functional inserts via the Gira System 55, it is possible to expand and adapt each Gira switch-system as required. Integrators now have the additional option to interchange between different design lines and can choose either a flat or surface-mounted installation. 

This new range of surface-mounted options is Gira’s answer to the rising need for systematic light fittings, power points and switches devoid of cables and wiring. 

“With a quarter of UK housing stock dating back to the 1980s, our greatest challenge is to bring the latest technology to outdated home electrics,” said Mark Booth, managing director of Gira UK. “The new surface-mounted Gira E2 and Gira Standard 55 solutions are perfect for retrofitting older properties and answers the growing trend for urban renewal where commercial properties, warehouses and brownfield sites continue to be repurposed for residential use.”

Gira E2 surface-mounted
A Gira Design Original and an icon among light-switches, the Gira E2 with new surface-mounted application offers many new features. 

It has over 300 intelligent functions available via Gira System 55. The model is also compatible with Senic Nuimo Click and the ‘Friends of Hue’ Smart Switch, among others. 

_NEW Gira E2 surface-mounted, Pure white glossy
With the addition of this new Gira E2 surface-mounted solution, completely new access points are opened up for the design classic Gira E2. 

Additionally, the surface-mounted design enables customisation of frames and switch profiles and is available in one to two gang frames and three to five gang solutions as standard. 

Made with a naturally antibacterial, easy-care thermoplastic material, it is shatterproof, UV-resistant and waterproof with an IP20 rating. It has a variety of colour variants: Black Matt, Pure White Matt, Anthracite, Aluminium (varnished), Pure White Glossy, and Stainless Steel. 

Gira Standard 55 surface-mounted
This is a simple, high-quality design line for basic electrical installation and carries the option to expand and adapt as and when required.

Similar to the Gira E2, it has over 300 intelligent functions available via Gira System 55.

It is made of impact-resistant plastic, giving it extreme toughness, increased electrical insulation and optical clarity. 

The colour variants available are Pure White Matt, Pure White Glossy, and Cream White Glossy.

With both surface-mounted applications having the ability to accommodate over 300 intelligent functions, this means that any home or building has the potential to have flexible and efficient indoor and outdoor lighting, climate and blind control, home entry systems, and security.