8 new Amazon Alexa devices likely to include ’œhigh-end’ hifi gear

An Alexa-powered amplifier, receiver and subwoofer could be on the way, according to reports from US station CNBC.

We bypassed news that Amazon is reported to be working on launching a voice-controlled microwave, but other possible new products its billing as “high-end” hifi sound interesting.

‘Interesting’, however also a clear example of the retailer’s laser-focus on being a master of all when it comes to home and automotive industry, rather than  you know, cleaning up Alexa’s language processing to make it easier to communicate with the smart assistant in the first place…

The expected range of Amazon Alexa products could total 8 according to CNBC – with an amp, receiver and sub the highlights of the AV gear. Details are typically scarce, but it is expected the products could be released by the end of the year.

The last big launch from Amazon HQ was its all-in-one Fire TV Cube offering voice control of 4K TV streaming this summer.

Watch this space for what Amazon regards as "high-end” in comparison to its previous Alexa offerings. The internal document acquired by CNBC suggests more information will be publically announced at a dedicated event later this month.

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