CEDIA to hold global virtual lighting conference

CEDIA has announced that it will hold a global, virtual event next month focused on the many cutting-edge facets of lighting.

The CEDIA Lighting Conference, which is taking place on Tuesday 11 August 2020 and is free to attend, will feature presentations from experts on topics including human-centric design, collaboration with designers, emerging technologies, and task lighting. 

“We’re in the midst of a full-scale revolution in lighting design, technology, and control and the CEDIA Lighting Conference will immerse you in it all,” commented CEDIA senior vice president of industry engagement, Giles Sutton. “Integrators need to keep up with customer demand and stay on the cutting-edge of all elements of lighting and this globally-focused event will provide an opportunity to explore concepts and techniques in a meaningful way.

“We’d like to thank several big names in the lighting industry for stepping up to support the CEDIA Lighting Conference, including Crestron, Environmental Lights, John Cullen Lighting, Lutron, Savant, and WAC Lighting. It will be a can’t miss day of learning and exploration.”

The sessions have been curated to address lighting considerations for EMEA and US audiences, with three sessions and a keynote presentation focused on each region. 

EMEA sessions
The opening keynote for EMEA audience will be sponsored by John Cullen Lighting and will feature John Cullen Lighting’s creative director, Sally Storey, who will detail prevailing lighting design trends for high end installations in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The sessions include:
• Lighting system Documentation – presented by Simon Buddle, sponsored by Lutron.
• Demystifying Control Systems – presented by Sam Woodward, sponsored by Crestron.
• Enabling Human-Centric Designs – presented by Andy Bull. 

US sessions
The US opening keynote, which is sponsored by Savant, will feature JC Murphy, Savant’s president, an USAI Lighting president, Bonnie Littman. The keynote will dive into the power of dynamic, tuneable lighting and how it not only meets evolving consumer demands but also delivers revenue opportunity for integrators.

The sessions include:
• How to Work with Lighting Designers – presented by Pete Romaniello, sponsored by WAC Lighting.
• Task Lighting for Lifestyles and Video – presented by Joel Silver and Jason Rosenfeld, sponsored by Savant. 
• New Lighting and Lighting Power Technologies and How to Make the Most of Them – presented by CEDIA director of workforce training, Ken Erdmann, sponsored by Environmental Lights. 

“Integrators are finding more opportunities than ever before to help customers use lighting to make a significant statement in their projects,” added Ian Bryant, CEDIA vice president of technology application and workforce. “So, it’s imperative for integrators to thoroughly understand all they can about lighting – not just from an installation perspective, but even down to the science behind it and how best to approach its value in projects of any size. 

“The CEDIA Lighting Conference sessions run the gamut to explore emerging trends like low voltage lighting and human-centric technology and even this knitty-gritty like documentation and when to work with a lighting designer. You’ll gain insight and expertise to take back directly to the job.”

Registration for the event is now open and you can access it here