DTS Play-Fi announce two new partnerships for audio ecosystem

DTS has announced that Hisense and Loewe are the two latest companies to join the DTS Play-Fi whole home audio ecosystem.

German TV and audio company, Loewe is due to release new products featuring DTS Play-Fi in the first half of 2021, while Hisense will design and manufacture products featuring DTS Play-Fi to be globally distributed in the second half of the year.

DTS Play-Fi’s wireless audio features surround sound, whole home TV audio streaming, hi-res 24bit/192kHz support, multiroom music, and app-based wireless headphones, allowing partners to create innovative products to elevate the user experience. Play-Fi works over industry standard Wi-Fi, meaning no additional hardware is required in the product’s design, allowing manufacturers to add advanced wireless capabilities across various ranges in their portfolio.

“Today’s consumers are looking for comprehensive wireless solutions that can finally eliminate the wiring that clutters traditional AV systems,” said Matthias Claus, director of audio at Loewe. “Through the inclusion of Play-Fi, we’re able to wirelessly support immersive surround sound configurations for any room while delivering the best possible audio fidelity for our customers.”

Youbo Li, assistant vice president of Hisense International added: “DTS Play-Fi supports the world’s most popular music services, thousands of internet radio stations, as well as personal music libraries, offering highly customisable support for multiple leading streaming protocols. Combined with Play-Fi’s wireless surround sound technology, Hisense customers will experience the best of both worlds, with products that combine wireless home theatre and whole home audio enjoyment in the same product.”

Image credit: Zern Liew / Shutterstock

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