Elite HTS raises the bar for home cinema furniture

Elite Home Theatre Seating (Elite HTS) has announced its new Diamond Elite Certification for home theatre furniture design alongside launching a new website.

The new website was over a year in the making to enhance the user experience and add functionality to Elite HTS’ popular ‘Design Your Own’ Custom seat feature.

Bobby Bala, CEO and founder of Elite HTS says: “The new Elite HTS experience is one that we believe is a major step forward for home theatre and cinema fans. We have taken great care to build a website that our industry partners can use on a daily basis to help their own businesses grow, as well as offering consumers a higher level of value than ever before.”

With this launch, Elite HTS is also announcing the Diamond Elite Standard to ensure confidence in the design and build of every Elite HTS home theatre chair. 

The new standard lists ten design and construction specification that must be met to be certified Diamond Elite. These are:
• Hand-crafted design – Every custom chair is hand-made to the customer’s specifications
• All-wood construction – All wooden parts must be solid wood without ‘thin’ composite materials
• Single-piece base construction – The base of each chair is made of a single piece of hollow wood to ensure stability and longevity
• Fitted joinery – Fitted joints, glue and wood screws are used instead of nails or staples to make the chair strong
• Reinforced arms – Improved reinforcements in each chair arm to eliminate typical squeaks and wobble
• Material durability – All seating materials must meet or exceed international durability testing 
• German-designed mechanisms and motors – Reclining mechanisms and motors must meet or exceed German’s strict machinery designs and standards
• Maximum four-inch recline clearance – Chairs must not exceed four-inch distance in headrest positioning when reclining
• Chiropractor-approved – To eliminate muscle strain, all designs must be ergonomically approved to maintain customer comfort
• Superior Warranty programme – A full ten year machinery warranty and five year foam and upholstery warranty 

“As one of the world’s premier luxury cinema chair manufacturers, this new standard offers clients and designers a new benchmark of what quality and luxury truly means,” continues Bala. “We also encourage theatre seating companies worldwide to adopt the Diamond Elite Certification for their own product development.”

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