Samsung files patent for first truly wireless TV

A patent has been filed by Samsung Electronics with the WIPO (World Intellectual Property Office) for a completely wireless television.

Spotted by Let’s Go Digital, the patent was published on February 28, 2019 and details a method to power a TV wirelessly.

So far, Samsung has come very close to the wireless option for TV with new flagship model Q90R QLED, using the One Connect box for all cable connections and only one wire needed from the box to the screen. However, the company is now moving to no wires at all with its wireless TV patent. 

The Samsung TV will use a wireless power transceiver in the form of a bar mounted magnetically to the back of the TV which will then talk to a transmitter box that would be connected to mains power. 

It is not known when these wireless TVs will be introduced to the market, however there is a possibility that the new screens could be unveiled at IFA 2019 or CES 2020.