iPad Docking Stations with 3rd Party Control Integration

iRoom's integrated iPad docking stations extend all major 3rd party control systems with a wired keypad next to the iPad. The docking station’s Quick Keys are programmed in the control system software with iRoom’s control drivers for Crestron, AMX, Control4, Savant, RTI, Elan, URC and many more.

As soon as an iPad becomes part of a control system in residential or commercial installations, iRoom’s docking stations turn the iPad into a wall or tabletop touch panel with the control manufacturer’s control app on the iPad. You might wonder what’s so special about this. It is very special because iRoom provides a variety of additional benefits to the integrator and end user.

Code-protected iPad Removal for Mobile Use
iRoom’s integrated in-wall, on-wall and tabletop models provide convenient motorized or manual removal of the iPad for its mobile use. In semi-public or public spaces such as conference rooms, hotel lobbies or bars, the antitheft protection of the iPad can be activated where the iPad can only be removed from the docking station by entering an individual 4-digit code.

Smart Power Management
iRoom as a certified Apple manufacturer has access to the iPad API. The Smart Power Management technology iRoom implemented, increases the iPad battery life, prevents overcharging and damage of the iPad battery. The docking station is constantly checking the iPad’s charging status. When the battery is fully charged it switches to power only the iPad electronics and screen but not the battery. Trickle charging maintains the battery charge.

iPad Docking Stations with 3rd Party Control Integration

3rd Party Control Integration
Many professional integrators hesitate to include an iPad as a control device, mainly because the iPad relies solely on WiFi. WiFi isn’t the best choice when it comes to control communication. WiFi routers can lock up or the coverage of the router doesn’t provide a stable connection in some parts of the building.

The 6 Quick Keys of iRoom’s docking stations are incorporated in the glass bezel and connect via control driver to all major 3rd party control. The keypad communicates over the docking station’s wired network connection with the control system and is not affected by WiFi downtimes. The Quick Keys are programmed in the control system software to give instant access to often used functions such as lights, shades, volume, source select. Control through the Quick Keys is independent of the iPad. The iPad doesn’t even have to be present in the docking station.

Control drivers are available for Crestron, AMX, Control4, Savant, RTI, Elan, URC, and many more.

Motion Sensor
The built-in motion sensor can also be programmed in the control system. A widely used control function is to turn on the lights when somebody enters a dark room.

Adjustable Charging Connector for all iPad Sizes
iTop tabletop models as well as iTop OnWall models come with a slidable charging connector to accommodate all iPad sizes, from the iPad mini to the large iPad Pro 12.9”. Since Apple uses different charging ports depending on the iPad model, iRoom’s docks are available with both connector types Lightning and USB-C. The connectors are interchangeable in case the end user buys a new iPad with a different charging port.

PoE Powered
touchDock, iTop and iTop OnWall are powered with PoE+ which makes wiring much easier than running a power cable behind the wall. It also doesn’t require a certified electrician to connect power to the docking station.

First to Market
iRoom has been first to market for years when Apple releases a new iPad. iRoom just added a new motorized docking station for the new iPad mini generation 6, only weeks after Apple announced the new iPad in September this year.

Build Quality and Color Options
Last but not least, iRoom uses high-quality materials to build their docking stations. All models are made with scratch-resistant, tempered glass and anodized aluminum just like Apple builds their iPads. 14 different color options give the end user enough choices to match the docking station with their interior design.

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