PEAKnx gives homeowners more control with YOUVI mobile app

PEAKnx is introducing the YOUVI mobile app, bringing homeowners all the YOUVI features to their iOS or Android smartphones.

Homeowners with PEAKnx can now control their homes remotely via the app, including control of shutters, blinds and lights, as well as power outlets and heating. Users can also set up a dashboard with the most frequently used devices and access group functions. 

Previously, homeowners used YOUVI via the two PEAKnx touch panels, Controlpro and Controlmini. Now, smartphone compatibility significantly expands its scope of use. 

Lorenz Rohrmann, executive manager of PEAKnx explained: “The range of functions goes even further. Users can also use the Android and iOS app to operate heating systems, roller shutters and blinds. Especially convenient, the group functions, for example, to switch off all lights simultaneously, are also available via the app.”