Philips launches 3 projectors to update NeoPix line

Philips Projection is upgrading its NeoPix home projector line introducing the Easy 2+, Prime 2 and Ultra 2.

The projectors include smart Philips OS with pre-loaded apps, Wi-Fi Dual Band, Bluetooth, a new light engine, resolution up to True Full HD and a new AirMote control.

Philips Neopix Ultra 2The NeoPix Prime 2 and Ultra 2 [pictured left] have smart image correction, including a four-corner correction, digital zoom and projector settings appearing on the top of all content. 

Prime 2 offers 720p HD and has new speakers. The Ultra 2 is smaller and projects True Full HD 1080p images.

The two projectors have lamp free light engines with lifetimes of more than 30,000 hours. In addition to streaming capabilities, videos, pictures and music can be played from USB Sticks. The keystone, four corner correction and digital zoom corrections help eliminate crooked and distorted images. 

The Easy 2+ [pictured right] is the most affordable projector of the range and has doublePhilips NeoPix Easy 2+ the brightness of its predecessor with 720p resolution. Content can be projected up to 65-in and it offers HDMI, USB and MicroSD inputs. USB sticks or hard drives can be connected to play movies, images and music with the built-in multimedia player. The projector uses electronic keystone correction technology for a 16:9 image, even at an angle or in variable environments. It has stereo speakers and a 3.5mm audio jack for connection to external speakers.

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