PMC Declares Open Day at New Headquarters a Success

British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC (Professional Monitor Company) has announced the overwhelming success of its first open day held at ...

British loudspeaker manufacturer PMC (Professional Monitor Company) has announced the overwhelming success of its first open day held at its Biggleswade headquarters, Holme Court.  Held on the 18th July in glorious sunshine, PMC opened the doors to its new HQ for the first time, giving selected visitors an afternoon of the ultimate in Audio & Auto’s.  A relaxed and informal event held in conjunction with local retailer HiFi Lounge, who was holding its boys toys’ event, visitors were treated to demonstrations of PMC’s range-topping speaker system and a display of more than 70 prestigious and rare cars, whilst enjoying the party spirit thanks to the hog-roast & refreshments on the lawn. For music lovers, PMC gave visitors the rare opportunity to experience its MB2 XBD-A active speaker system and the svelte floor-standing fact.12’s, whilst also gaining an insight into how music is made using PMC professional monitors.  PMC staff were on hand throughout the day, giving visitors the chance to chat and learn more about the speaker manufacturer. Local specialist audio retailer HiFi Lounge added to the occasion by leading a procession of 72 prestigious cars, many of which are owned by its customers.  With some pretty spectacular marques including Porsche, Aston Martin, TVR, BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes and Caterham, the highlight was a pair of very rare Lotus Elise F1L’s and a new Evora, supplied by Lotus Silverstone. For vinyl lovers, staff from fellow audio brand Vertere were on hand to demonstrate its range of turntables, including the range-topping RG-1 Reference Groove with the Reference Tonearm and Madake MC cartridge, which comes in at over £40,000 – A supreme combination. Commenting on the event, Miles Roberts, Head of Sales of PMC, said, “It isn’t often that two hobbies can be brought together with such a successful outcome.  I’d like to thank Paul at the HiFi Lounge for all of his efforts with organising a wonderful procession of rare and very high quality cars as well as everyone who visited us here at Holme Court.  The comments back were extremely encouraging and supportive and will certainly inspire us to run similar events in the future.” Paul Clark of HiFi Lounge, added, “I’d like to thank everyone at PMC Speakers who really did go the extra mile on this one.  Without them, this inaugural event would never have happened!”  Clarke added, “I was asked several times if this will be a yearly event.  I have to say that it would be hard to top this one to be honest but watch this space.”

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