QMotion now integrates with Rako lighting controls

It has been announced that QMotion FM Roller and Roman blinds can now be natively integrated into Rako lighting control systems, without the need for special drivers, interfaces or extra programming.

This development is designed to make automated lighting and blind installation quicker and easier, improving market opportunity and project profitability.

Both low voltage wired and battery powered versions of the FM blinds are able to integrate natively with Rako lighting control systems via the Rako RK-HUB or WK-HUB. 

The wireless control protocol is embedded within the HUB, enabling initial set up and operation. Once the blinds have been configured, they become part of the Rako system, allowing use of multiple functions. 

Additionally, Rako’s ‘Holiday Mode’ ensures automatic activation of lighting and shading for added security when the home is unoccupied. 

Up to eight blinds per room can be connected to a HUB. For larger projects and where additional RF range may be required, multiple Rako HUBS linked via the LAN can be used without limitations. Users can control the blinds via either a wired or wireless controller.

“Lighting and shading control are great complementary technologies for integrators, working on every type of project, from entry level to high end smart homes,” said Ian Claxton, director of QMotion UK. 

“Native integration between QMotion blinds and Rako lighting control systems is a significant step forward for the market and provides the installer with a premium RF lighting and shading system without unnecessary control interfaces.”

Paul Wafer, managing director at Rako Controls added: “This partnership will bring major time and cost-saving benefits. It enables faster and simpler installation in every application to bring full functionality, greater comfort and convenience within easy reach of smart home integrators, electricians and their customers.”

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