Report: Google Home more likely to answer than Alexa

Recently published findings from New York-based research firm 360i suggest that Google Home is as much as 6x more prepared to answer user questions than Amazon Alexa devices.

Ever wondered which smart assistant is more responsive – Google Home or Amazon Alexa? Or maybe you are currently pondering whether to opt for a Google Home, Alexa device or wait for the upcoming release of the Apple HomePod. Well, new research indicates if you’re looking to ask you’re smart home speaker a lot of questions, Google’s offering may be better equipped.

Investigated using 360i’s proprietary software for testing home assistant technologies, the company state that its ‘Voice Search Monitor’ (VSM) software was used to ask both the Google Home and Amazon Alexa the same 3,000 questions and monitor each product’s responses. They found that the Google Home was “six times more likely to provide an answer than Amazon Alexa.”

With Google Home backed by Google’s extensive search engine and the company’s huge investment in AI over the years this news may come as no surprise. The research does present numerous questions when it comes to both smart home devices – chiefly, do consumers have the same expectations of the Google Home and Amazon Alexa devices? Some may argue the intentions behind buyer’s opting for the Google Home is different from buying an Echo or Dot, with the latter more for a seamless experience when using other services from Amazon.

Of course, Google recently rolling out multiple user support with the Google Home further indicates where Google hopes to position itself in the marketplace.

There’s naturally only so much we can learn from research such as 360i’s without taking into account user behaviour and satisfaction rates – but regardless, it’s worthwhile for those looking to a smart tool as being a hub of knowledge for the home, rather than just support for shopping or listening to music.

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