Samsung teams up with Panasonic to rival Dolby Vision

Samsung has announced that it has joined forced with Panasonic and 20th Century Fox in a bid to bring HDR10+ technology to more TVs and devices.

Following the initial partnership between Samsung and Amazon announced in April, support for HDR10+ (an alternative to HDR10 which is said to adjust brightness on a frame-by-frame basis) is growing ahead of licensing starting in January 2018.

With the new collaboration, Samsung, Amazon, Panasonic and 20th Century Fox say they hope to create an open dynamic metadata platform to be licensed out to other TV manufacturers, digital TV box and Blu-ray disc player manufacturers, and content companies. Like others, the royalty-free platform will signal an official ‘HDR10+’ stamp of approval via associated certification and logos.

Those involved are keeping tight-lipped when it comes to finer details at the moment, with Jongsuk Chu, senior VP of Visual Display Business at Samsung, only commenting, “We are confident HDR10+ will enhance the way you experience television programmes.”

At this moment both HDR10+ and Dolby Vision’s respective software appears to offer similar results – chiefly, both use “dynamic metadata” to fine-tune brightness. For now the core difference between the two that is Dolby Vision charges royalties, in contrast to Samsung asking for only an administrative fee. Time will tell if this can convince manufacturers that HDR10+ offers the same kudos as the Dolby Vision trademark.

The alliance is expected to share further details at IFA in Berlin later this week, ahead of a fill demo of HDR10+ next year at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. 

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