Survey launched to shape future of CEDIA Certification and education

CEDIA and its recently launched Certification Commission have put out a survey to technicians as part of its continuing efforts to better align CEDIA Certification and education with the needs of the workforce.

Open until Wednesday 22 April, CEDIA is inviting technicians or those who supervise technicians to take part in the CEDIA Technician Survey. 

The results of the survey will look at the regular duties and tasks of technicians and provide key data that CEDIA will use to update and build certifications, develop relevant education tracks, and to accurately represent the industry to government bodies and prospective members of the industry. 

The Certification Commission is a permanent body established by the CEDIA Board of Directors who set policies and provides independent oversight of the CEDIA Certification programme with the goal of developing certifications that are accredited to the globally recognised ANSI/ISO/IEC 17024 standard. 

“As we define areas of certification, we need to identify tasks, skills, and area which need to be included,” commented CEDIA Certification Commission chairman, Dennis Erskine. “For CEDIA Certification to carry real weight and meaning, we need member participation along the way, and the survey offers a nice opportunity to weigh in. 

“This commission is the first of its kind for CEDIA and its creation as a permanent body demonstrates a major commitment to one of the organisation’s best assets – CEDIA Certification.”

CEDIA and the commission are already working their way through updates, improvements, and potential new certifications, beginning with entry-level and moving toward advanced and specialised certification types. 

As an incentive to complete the survey, the organisation is offering current CEDIA Certification holders Continuing Education Units (CEUs) which help them maintain their credentials, designed to reflect defined areas of knowledge in the home technology sector. 

“CEDIA is committed to taking a holistic and global approach to keeping CEDIA Certification at the cutting edge of the needs of the industry now and into the future,” said David Whitney, CEDIA director of Certification. “The organisation, in conjunction with the Certification Commission, is dedicated to best practices for the programme, including fielding this more in-depth survey every few years and monitoring exam content annually to reflect new standards or changing technology. 

“Our commitment to world class certification extends beyond updating an exam or two – we’re initiating a whole quality management system to make sure that certifications are always fair, up-to-date, and rigorous.”

Thorough assessments are carried out through the accreditation process to ensure the company is following international standards and demonstrates competency for their work. 

Technicians and supervisors have until 22 April to take the survey, which can be access here

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