WyreStorm to Showcase Range of 4K Products at InfoComm 2015

WyreStorm has announce plans to showcase their new range of UltraHD 4K compatible products at InfoComm 2015, Orlando FL – June 13-19, inc...

WyreStorm has announce plans to showcase their new range of UltraHD 4K compatible products at InfoComm 2015, Orlando FL – June 13-19, including two new 8x8 Matrix switchers distributing 4K content over HDMI and HDBaseT, a new 4K 1:8 HDMI splitter, an updated 4K supported HDMI/VGA switcher, a 4K<>HD scaler and Dolby downmixer, 4K compatible pattern generator and signal analyzer, and two new PoH extender additions over HDBaseT Class A at 70m/230ft and something very special over HDBaseT 2.0 at 100m/328ft. UltraHD 4K Matrix switchers include the 1U MX-0808-4K 8x8 HDMI to HDMI, that brings the convenience and reliability of short range HDMI 1.4 switching and control to 4K, including audio matrix routing source or ARC audio to assignable S/PDIF optical or coaxial outputs and advanced audio processing, extraction and ARC functionality. [caption id="attachment_9387" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] WyreStorm's MX-0808-PP-POH-4K[/caption] For greater transmission distances over HDBaseT Class A technology, the 2U MX-0808-PP-POH-4K features 5-play support for video, audio, two-way IR control and RS232, Ethernet and Power up to 70m/230ft UHD @ 30Hz or 100m/328ft 1080p HD@ 60hz with 48bit Deep Color. Both models support full 3840 (UHD) and 4096 (DCI) 2160p resolutions up to 30Hz, with the MX-0808-PP-POH-4K offering a chroma subsampling rate of 4:2:2 and MX-0808-4K featuring the full 4K color palette of 4:4:4 for the optimum achievable in terms of resolution and bandwidth within the current HDMI standard. Addressing the uncertainty surrounding compatibility with HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0, rather than offering a band aid solution’ using currently compatible chipsets that may not be supported by the time sources and content finally become available, the modular architecture of the WyreStorm MX-0808-PP-POH-4K switcher offers an HDCP 2.2 transmission module upgrade for free when technology standards are confirmed for early installers of the model, after which all models will ship 2.2 compatible as standard to ensure future matrix compatibility with the 4K devices and content it is distributing.

“InfoComm 2015 is the perfect venue for the WyreStorm team to both showcase the very latest in AV distribution featuring next generation technology and to ease some of the inherent confusion surrounding the industry at the present time as we wait for these new standards to land,” says Derek Hulbert, CEO, WyreStorm Technologies.

For more information on the company's large range of UltraHD 4K offerings at InfoComm, visit https://www.wyrestorm.com.

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