Honda creates fully mobile Extended Reality experience

Honda is to hold the global debut of its XR experience at SXSW 2024, which merges mobility with VR. The Honda XR Mobility Experience integrates digital environments with the real-world experience of riding the Honda Uni-One, a hands-free, personal mobility device.

“With the Honda XR Mobility Experience, we are expanding the joy and freedom of personal mobility into entertainment applications,” said Hirokazu Hara, vice president of New Business Development, American Honda Motor. “By combining the unique, physical experience of riding the Honda Uni-One with highly immersive digital entertainment, Honda is creating a brand new multimodal experience that takes extended reality technologies to the next level.”

Uni-One features a seat that can be raised and lowered, so people can interact at the same eye level. In “high position,” the user is closer to the eye level of someone standing and can move in all directions – forward, backward, sideways or diagonally – as well as turn around with both hands free, simply by leaning in one direction to shift their weight. In “low position,” the user is able to better communicate with those who are seated or small children and can move in any direction by steering with a joystick.

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