Amazon enhances home protection with Ring Alarm Security System

Amazon has unveiled a DIY smart home security system, the Ring Alarm Security Kit.

With fixed kit options, plus a build-your-own kit option, the Ring Alarm Security System is a flexible, smart DIY solution that can be paired with Ring Video Doorbells, Ring Security Cameras, Alexa-enabled devices, and third-party alarm accessories to create a complete system. 

The Ring Alarm sends a notification to the homeowner’s smartphone when a contact sensor, motion detector or any part of the alarm system is triggered, allowing the user to then view the Ring App to find out what is happening. 

Homeowners also have the option of adding 24/7 professional monitoring to the system for an additional cost, where the Ring emergency team will be alerted as soon as the Ring Alarm detects an issue, and they will call the homeowner to find out whether emergency assistance is required. A Ring Panic Button is also available with the 24/7 professional monitoring. 

The added 24/7 professional monitoring does not just protect from break-ins and burglaries, but it also protects from smoke and carbon monoxide and floods and freezing temperatures with the relevant sensors. 

There are different kit sizes available depending on the size of the home. 

The kits are available now starting from £249.00.