ARCAM introduces new home cinema AVRs & processor

ARCAM has unveiled three new AVRs and a high-performance processor for high-end home cinemas, the AVR11, AVR21, AVR31 and AV41, said to be the company’s most comprehensively equipped AV machines to date.

All four models feature 8K@60fps, AURO-3D, Dolby Atmos, Dolby Vision, DTS:X, HDMI 2.1 with HDCP2.3, and HDR10+. The devices also support Apple AirPlay 2, Bluetooth with aptX HD, Google Chromecast, MQA, Spotify Connect, Roon and TIDAL Connect.

For digital to analogue conversion, the four new models are equipped with dual ESS9026PRO audiophile DACs, together with ESS reference voltage regulators.

ARCAM has armed the new models with a room calibration mic and Dirac Live, an advanced room correction software, to ensure the system’s sound quality is not impacted by the room. Working with Dirac Live, the machines deliver a larger sweet spot, accurate staging, clarity, and voice intelligibility.

The three AVRs and processor also supports Dirac Live Bass Control. Building on Dirac Live, Dirac Live Bass Management automatically maximises low-frequency performance from any loudspeaker.

The AVR11 and AVR21 each power seven channels of Class AB power amplification, charting at 7 x 85W and 7 x 110W, respectively. The AVR11 features native 12-channel decoding while the AVR21 adds a further four channels. The AVR21 also adds an HDMI output to the AVR11’s pair, opening up the option of a Zone 2 set up.

The AVR31 with seven channels of Class G amplification, implementing multiple power supplies rather than a single supply. For example, if a dynamic signal is received that goes beyond the capability of the first power supply, the secondary supply is gradually brought in up to full rated power output as required. This results in an efficient flagship AVR that uses additional power only when needed.

Lastly, the ARCAM AV14 is a high-performance AV processor for the home theatre. The processor supports everything that the new AVRs support, and its rear panel provides XLR balanced outputs for all 16 channels to deliver a high-quality analogue connection to power amplifiers.

Like all of ARCAM’s AV equipment, the AV41 is designed for music and movies and is ideally suited with its power amplifier stablemates, the PA720, PA240, and PA410.

Available in Q2 2022, the AVR11 is priced at £2,799 / €3,199; the AVR21 is priced at £3,799 / €4,599; the AVR31 is priced at £5,799 / €6,899; and the AV41 is available for £4,499 / €5,399.