Atlas Cables introduces Hyper AES/EBU

Atlas Cables has launched the Hyper AES/EBU, a balanced digital audio cable within the mid-priced Hyper range of cables for high-performance systems for audiophiles.

Although part if its mid-range cables, the new Hyper AES/EBU draws on the digital experience and design techniques developed for Atlas’s superior performance Mavros AES/EBU. Additional research allowed the company to package much of that design philosophy into a 110-ohm digital cable within the mid-priced Hyper range.

A balanced version od the standard S/PDIF digital audio protocol is carried on the Hyper AES/EBU cable. One of the primary challenges is to keep as close as possible to the 110-ohm characteristic impedance specification to minimise cable reflections and the resulting time-based jitter induction. Atlas chose to use a balanced pair of silver-plated OFC conductors enclosed within a multi-level screen constructed from Aluminium Mylar film and OFC woven braid. Both conductors are wrapped individually with a highly efficient microporous PTFE dielectric tape. The cable is also manufactured using an Anti-vibration super soft cotton filler.

It also uses the same low contact resistance and reliable balanced XLR plug that Atlas uses in its Mezzo XLR cable.

The cable ranges from 0.5m to 3m with prices starting at £185 to £385.

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