Braun Audio returns to audio market with remake of LE speakers

After 28 years out of the market, Braun Audio makes a comeback with a reinvention of its classic LE speakers, originally made in 1959.

The LE range comprises of three speakers, the LE01, LE02 and LE03, and will be available to purchase in black or white from October.

Taking a modern stance on the old design, the speakers are slightly smaller than its originators and can be used as a standalone, bookshelf style speaker, or it can be mounted onto a stand. It can also be in a horizontal or vertical orientation and will not affect the sound. 

The clear and precise sound has been achieved through the implementation of a bespoke-developed DSP pipeline in conjunction with high power ARM computing cores. It is then hand-tuned in Germany by the audio engineering team. 

Balanced Mode Radiators (BMRs) are used in the new speakers to uniquely combine wide vertical and horizontal dispersion to deliver a near 180-degree soundstage, meaning that the units are always easy to position without the worry of a specific sweet spot of traditional speakers.

LE02_LIF_Wh_O_TL_FrE_OB_01_crop (1)
LE02 horizontally used as a bookshelf speaker

Custom designed ultra-low-profile woofers, with powerful neodymium motors and rigid lightweight aluminium cones, offer a highly detailed and transient bass performance aligned with bespoke passive bass radiators.

Instead of using passive brass radiators, Braun’s engineering team has developed bespoke, high-mass and high-excursion parts that tune the speakers to deliver deep and punchy bass within the LE’s slim cabinet design. To increase control and decrease distortion, they also have a dual progressive linear-suspension construction.

Multiroom functionality is a feature on the new line, as well as the ability to be wirelessly stereo paired. 

When individually positioned in landscape mode, LE01 and LE02 will perform as integrated stereo speakers. When in portrait orientation, using floor stands or wall mounts, they can be configured into a stereo pair with each speaker assuming single audio channel duties (left or right).

LE03_LIF_Bl_O_SF_3qE_OB_01 (1)
LE03 speaker

The Braun Audio app, which is available on iOS and Android, features placement EQ settings to tailor the playback dependent on where the speaker is in the room to achieve an authentic sound. The app also allows for additional manual fine-tuning to ensure preferred levels of sound. 

Integrated Google Assistant also allows the homeowner to use voice commands to control the speaker volume and audio content around the home. 

For the privacy conscious, the LE range has a dedicated privacy button that physically disconnects the microphone. When privacy mode is enabled, the button and LEDs on the front of the speaker illuminate and are subtly visible to give homeowner’s peace of mind. 

The range also features built-in Chromecast, enabling the LE line to support over 300 streaming services while regular software updates ensure system longevity. 

The aluminium casing is highly durable and attractive to look at. It has simple, minimalist button configuration and LED sequences are intuitive. 

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