Chord Electronics to demonstrate upscaling at North West Audio Show 2019

At this year’s North West Audio Show, Chord Electronics will be demonstrating its latest digital front end, the new Hugo M Scaler (upscaler) and DAVE DAC/pre/headphone amp.

The company, who is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, will be showing the latest technology digital source component alongside the recently introduced Etude stereo power amps, offering visitors an insight into the company’s latest analogue technology thanks to Chord Electronics’ new Dual Feed Forward amplifier topology, the first all-new amp circuit since the company’s inception in 1989.

Hugo M Scaler

At the show, the company will be showing the compact high-resolution system in conjunction with KEF’s R11 loudspeakers, illustrating both the latest digital and analogue technologies from the manufacturer. 


The Hugo M Scaler and DAVE DAC combination is capable of upscaling standard 44.1kHz audio to 705.6kHz (or 768kHz from a 96kHz input signal), an incredible 16x the resolution of standard CD, thanks to Chord Electronics’ biggest-ever tap-length filter, which has for the first time, broken the 1,000,000-tap barrier. 

Etude High Right

All available now, the Hugo M Scaler is priced at £3,495, the DAVE is priced at £8,499, and the Etude is £3,900.

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