Classé Expands Sigma Series with New 350W Mono Amplifier

Classé has announced the expansion of its popular Sigma series to include a new monaural amplifier.

The first three Sigma series models, launched earlier this year, were designed to deliver a compelling performance and feature set at prices below the entry level of other high-end brands but within easy reach for anyone considering the top-of-the-line offerings of more mainstream companies.

The Sigma MONO broadens the appeal of the Sigma range with a powerful amplifier, conservatively rated at 350W into 8 ohms and 700W into 4 ohms, which delivers all the benefits of Classé’s proprietary Sigma amplifier designs in an even higher performance package.A special pass-thru feature allows the input signal to be forwarded to a second amplifier for bi-amplifying or to drive a subwoofer amplifier. This allows the amplifiers to be located closer to each speaker: a single long interconnect can be used to connect the preamp to the first amp, followed by a short interconnect to the second Sigma MONO, or even a third and a fourth.

According to Classé, the Sigma MONO is the logical choice for anyone who wants the highest performance and prefers a compact, highly energy efficient design.

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