ComfortClick launches the new bOS

ComfortClick has launched its new bOS, (Building Operating System), which is a universal building automation platform that enables the integration of all major systems and devices in any building and their control from a single application or by voice command.

ComfortClick’s development team worked together with system integrators and end users to deliver a number of exciting new feature and improvements to the bOS. 

Some of these are listed below:
• Google Assistant
• Amazon Alexa Spanish & Italian Skill
• IFTTT integration
• Samsung Smart TV integration
• LG Smart TV integration
• DoorBird integration
• Geofencing via IFTTT
• New KNX Data Points (Hex Bytes, Colour RGB, Colour RGBW, and many more)
• New RPC service with basic security
• Driver for Fibaro Home Centre 
• Sonos playlists, rooms and group play
• Satel Alarm integration
• Paradox Alarm integration
• Z-Wave driver improvements
• Japanese Translations
• Many more other performance and stability improvements.

In addition to the systems and devices listed above, bOS also supports: Modbus, DSC alarm, IP cameras, Global Cache, IRTrans, Kodi, foobot and Philips Hue. You can use your own hardware with bOS license or get one of the ComfortClick servers. 

bOS offers a wide range of automation tasks ranging from logical functions, schedules, data logging and scenes to operating time and presence simulation. The GUI interface is fully customizable; you can use your own icons, colours, background photos, etc. A free trial is available for download on the company’s website. 

bOS Technical Specifications
Included in the software package: 
• bOS Server
• bOS Configurator for Windows
• bOS Client for iOS 
• bOS Client for Android
• bOS Client for Windows
• bOS Client Web Interface

bOS works with: KNX, Z-Wave, Modbus, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Sonos, Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Philips Hue, IP cameras, DSC, Paradox, Satel, Kodi, Global Caché, IRTrans, TCP/IP devices, DoorBird, IFTTT, Fronius, foobot.

Logic & Automation: Analog Log, Analog Threshold, Calculation, Counter Log, Movement Detector, Operating Time, Presence Simulator, Program, RGB Mixer, Scene, Schedule, Thermostat, Timer, Bit Converter.

GUI customisation: 
• Configurable GUI panel background (custom photos, layouts, colours, etc.)
• Custom colours (buttons, controls)
• Custom GUI icons

GUI responsive design: Yes

GUI templates: Yes

• Possibility of different user privileges setting (e.g. administrator, guest)
• Possibility of assigning different GUI to individual users (e.g. parents / children)
• Possibility of assigning different GUI to different devices running bOS Client apps (e.g. wall panel / mobile phone)
• Possibility of remote support user – installer can access only client configuration and not also have access to e.g. video cameras.
• Possibility of simultaneous access for multiple users
• Ability to reset/remove user accounts

User notification (e.g. alerts):
• Email
• Push notifications
Notifications are customisable. 

Ability to work without internet: Yes

Local backup and restore procedure: Yes

Configuration export / import: Yes

Sunrise / sunset time based on building location: Yes

Multilanguage support for bOS Client apps system settings and notifications:
Croatian, Dutch, English, French, German, Greek, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovak, Slovenian. Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.  

GUI text translations: Text translations on the buttons and controls can be done with bOS Configurator.

Geofencing: Yes (with IFTTT using RTC service).

Text to speech: Yes

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