Control4 adds BakPak to RK-1 routers

At ISE 2017, Control4 announced the release and immediate worldwide availability of BakPak on Pakedge RK-1 routers.

The integration of the latest release of cloud-based BakPak management software with the router allows Control4 dealers to manage and diagnose issues with the home network remotely.

“With BakPak monitoring the home network, the automation system, and all of the devices connected to it, remote management becomes standard for dealers,” commented Martin Plaehn, CEO at Control4.

BakPak manages both the IP network and smart home devices, delivering real-time visibility of network health, allowing diagnostics and troubleshooting before problems happen to mitigate downtime and service calls.

Available on both the Pakedge RK-1 Router and NK-1 wireless controller, BakPak offers the ability for installers to also remotely-monitor home automation products including those connected via ZigBee, Z-Wave, Ethernet, and WiFi – bringing all connected devices into a single interface.

Newly announced BakPak features allow users to bring a new customer network online quickly through a new wizard-based approach. Added troubleshooting and alert features also include diagnostic information for ZigBee and Z-Wave signal strength and mobile alerts for diminished internet speed tests.

The RK-1 Router with BakPak is available without any license or subscription fees, and existing homes running an RK-1 Router or NK-1 WAP Controller can be upgraded without extra license fees.

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