Devialet intros entry-level take on flagship speaker: Phantom ’˜Reactor’

Even if you haven’t heard French manufacturer’s Phantom speakers in person, you have most likely seen them – and now the range has been bolstered with a more compact model with the line’s smallest price tag yet.

Aimed at the luxury end of the wireless speaker spectrum, Devialet’s Phantom speakers' point of entry comes in quite a bit higher than the Sonos’ of the industry – with prices starting at $1,690 (€/£1,490). To try and reach a broader market, however, as many as 100 Devialet engineers have been busy trying to create a less imposing model for those who don’t want a Phantom speaker to dominate a space as much as previous models (isn’t that the point of buying a Phantom speaker, anyway?). Crucially, the price is smaller too.

Devialet’s Phantom Reactor is four times smaller than other models in the range and is priced at $999 (€990/£999) for its ‘600’ model, incorporating the same design as other Phantom models, with specs of 600W 95 dB SPL 18Hz to 21kHz. The accompanying 900W model offers 98 dB SPL.

Both models support Bluetooth, WiFi, Spotify Connect and AirPlay and optical-in, with control available via an accompanying app. A mix of the manufacturer’s inhouse technologies present in other Phantom speakers are also onboard – not limited to Analog Digital Hybrid amplification, Active Cospherical Engine acoustic design, Speaker Active Matching algorithm and Heart Bass Implosion acoustic process. Devialet confidently claims all this delivers “phenomenal sound amplitude without distortion, saturation or background noise.”

Both Phantom Reactor speakers will be available from 10 Oct 2018 onwards, available in Classic (white).

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