DoAcoustics MicroDesign speakers available in the UK

DoAcoustics MicroDesign 2-channel stereo, home cinema and active loudspeakers are now available in the UK.

The Sicilian loudspeaker manufacturer’s range consists of stand-mount, floor standing and home cinema speakers.

All models in the range are transmission-line designs, offering a 10cm wide front profile, using TB and SEAS 3-in drivers throughout. Full-range and bass-only drivers are available dependant on the model. 

The three stand-mount designs - Microcosmo, Macrocosmo and Macrocosmo Reference - feature a single 3-in full-range Polypropylene-Paper-coned driver. Slightly larger in height, the 2-way Macrocosmo Reference Impact features an additional 3-in bass driver, while the larger again Jupiter houses two full-range drivers and two bass drivers in a reverse D’Appolito design. Adding an additional out-of-phase tweeter to the rear of the cabinet, the Jupiter Impact can be mounted either vertically or horizontally. An optional floor stand is available for the stand mount variants.

The 86.5cm tall floor stand loudspeakers encompass three models: Armonia Mundi,DoAcoustics_AMI_Multi Armonia Mundi Impact and Armonia Mundi Impact Active. The Armonia Mundi houses one full-range and one bass driver and the Armonia Mundi Impact adds an additional full-range and bass driver per side, along with a tweeter mounted on the rear panel. The Armoni Mundi Impact Active incorporates a 90 Watt per channel amplifier, Bluetooth 4.0 Aptx, S/PDIF and USB digital inputs, along with analogue inputs and outputs. 

All MicroDesign models are available in a range of standard colours including white matt, black matt, natural bamboo, purple matt and green matt.

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