DoorBird IP Video Door Intercoms and Snom IP Phones integrate for seamless IP communications

DoorBird’s IP-based video door intercoms can now be integrated with Snom IP phones, providing two-way audio communication as well as video via the Snom phones when the doorbell rings.

When the doorbell rings, audio and video signal from the door intercom are transmitted to the Snom phone and displays the image immediately, even before the call is answered. 

Bird Home Automation, the manufacturer of the DoorBird product line, developed a special Common Gateway Interface (CGI) to enable Snom IP phones to retrieve image data from the DoorBird camera. All other data is transmitted via standard SIP protocol. 

Homeowners can then communicate with visitors via the hands-free function or by picking up the handset. The IP door intercom can also be controlled via the Snom phone to open the entrance door whenever required. 

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