DoorBird makes new firewall available to protect building networks

DoorBird has announced availability of its new DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall, a user-friendly solution that provides additional protection for the network of door communication systems.

The easy-to-install firewall increases security for all networks where DoorBird products are used, both inside and outside.

The Berlin-based manufacturer, Bird Home Automation GmbH, creates another unique selling point in the field of smart IP video communication with the DoorBird A1051 Internet Firewall product.

The firewall is designed to reliably stop unauthorised network traffic without the need for complicated configurations. The product is pre-configured at the factory and ready for immediate use. The installation takes place between the local internet router and the DoorBird IP video door communication network, easily and without any prior technical knowledge.

The network is protected against unauthorised access at main and side entrances, underground garage entrances, floor accesses, or other indoor rental areas. This makes the internet firewall suitable for large office complexes, commercial buildings, apartment buildings and single-family residences. For example, a tenant could misuse the network cable connected to an IP video indoor station to surf the internet or gain unauthorised access to other network components in the building. Implementing firewall solutions for this purpose with well-known firewall products is expensive, complicated and most of all very time consuming to implement on a day-to-day basis.

In order to meet individual network requirements, smart home systems from third-party providers can be whitelisted. The Internet Firewall can be configured comfortable remotely via app or browser.


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