Focal expands its 100 Series range of speakers for the home

Focal has introduced the 100 IWSUB8 in-wall subwoofer and the 100 IWSUB8 dedicated amplifier to its 100 Series.

The 100 IWSUB8 passive subwoofer, made up of an eight-inch Polyglass speaker driver, can be installed during pre-construction of a wall using 16-in OC studs. It has a shallow in-wall depth (33/8-in) and a bass cut-off frequency of 30Hz to -6db, and the magnetic grille can be painted to match the décor of the room and make it discrete. 

To compliment the subwoofer, Focal has also created a dedicated amplifier specially tailored for the subwoofer. The 100 IWSUB8 amplifier is capable of powering up to two subwoofers connected in parallel delivering 200 watts of power over 4ohms and can be rack-mounted if desired. 

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