Future Automation unveils Servo Hinge Up mechanism at CEDIA Expo 2019

Future Automation showcased its Servo Hinge Up (SHU) at the show, designed to allow displays to be hidden in outdoor environments.

The mechanism is capable of supporting weight when open or closed, with a moving floor panel allowing the space in front of the mechanism to be usable when the display is revealed. 

The SHU demonstration at the show moved over 226kg in under 10 seconds. 

SHU - WIDE - CEDIA 2019 - 2

When not in use, this application is folded down into a decking area. When in use, the hidden panel lifts from the floor, the stage below rises to the surface to create a flat, walking platform, and the speakers also rise either side. 

The fast movement ensures straightforward deployment at the touch of a button.