Fyne Audio adds to F700 Series and F1 Series at Bristol Hi-Fi Show

Last week at Bristol Hi-Fi Show, Fyne Audio unveiled three new speakers for its F700 Series and two new stand mounts models to its F1 Series, as well as a dedicated speaker mount.

F700 Series 
Additions to the popular F700 Series comprise of the compact F700 bookshelf and F701 standmount models, and the substantial F704 floorstander. The five strong series also now includes the optional new FS8 dedicated speaker stands for the smaller models. 

The new F704 floorstander, which took centre stage at the show, is designed to fill the largest of rooms. Weighing almost 70kg, the loudspeaker features strong dynamics, power handling and efficiency to recreate an incredibly realistic live music experience at home. 

Using Fyne’s IsoFlare point source driver at 12-in / 300mm diameter and augmented with a supplementary bass driver of the same size, the F704 delivers 96dB/W efficiency and 600W peak power handling to deliver upsurges exceeding 120dB SPL.

Just 348mm tall, the new F700 has a single six-in / 150mm IsoFlare driver and uses a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter with a compact, high power neodymium magnet motor system. 

The new F700 bookshelf speaker 

Despite its small size, the F700 offers bass output down to 40Hz, 89dB/w efficiency and peak handling power of 300W. 

The larger F701 has an eight-in / 200mm IsoFlare driver in a 465mm tall cabinet delivering point source accuracy at 91dB/W efficiency and handling peaks over 350W. 

All three new models to the F700 Series are available in piano gloss black, piano gloss white and piano gloss walnut veneer. 

The F701 (£3999.99) and FS8 (£999.99) are available now, while the F700 (£2499.99) and F704 (£10999.99) will join the rest of the F700 Series in Fyne Audio retailers worldwide in late spring 2020.  

The new F701 bookshelf speaker

F1 Series
Also launched at Bristol Hi-Fi show were two stand mount models, the F1-5 and F1-8, as well as the dedicated stand mentioned earlier, the FS8. 

Utilising the acoustic design and bespoke technologies of the Fyne Audio F1-12, the F1-5 and F1-8 are housed in a compact cabinet, designed to bringing luxury, high-end audio to smaller rooms. 

Based on five-in / 125mm and eight-in / 200mm IsoFlare point source drivers, the smaller F1-5 unit has a 125mm mid/bass cone complete with Fyne’s innovative FyneFlute roll surround, as well as a 19mm magnesium dome compression tweeter positioned at the centre of the driver. 

The F1-5 stand mount model 

The larger F1-8 model scales up its smaller sibling to feature a dedicated eight-in / 200mm IsoFlare driver. The unit combines a multifibre mid/bass cone with a 25mm magnesium dome compression tweeter with a host of Fyne’s technologies and refinements such as FyneFlute roll surround, case aluminium chassis and ferrite HF magnets. 

Although compact, the F1-5 offers 87dB/w efficiency, bass output to below 50Hz and 200W peak power handling. Also small, the F1-8 reaches down to a ‘floorstanding’ 33Hz in-room, is 91dB/W efficient to make the most of the low power valve amplification and can handle up to 360W peak power. 

The F1-8 stand mount model 

The F1-5 is available for £2999.99 per pair and the F1-8 is £5999.99 per pair. 

FS8 dedicated stand
In conjunction with the launch of the new speaker models, Fyne has also launched a dedicated FS8 loudspeaker stand, created for the F700, F701 and the new F1-5 and F1-8 models. 

The FS8 dedicated stand is available now for £999.99. 

The new FS8 dedicated speaker stand 

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