Gira launches pushbutton sensor 4

Gira has introduced a new multi-functional control button for smart homes.

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 allows homeowners to control up to eight function with the single switch. 

Users can now operate lighting and blinds, moderate the temperature and humidity via sensor technology and use an external temperature sensor to automatically activate underfloor heating when it is cold outside. 

Gira UK’s managing director, Mark Booth, said: “This new combination switch and sensor is designed for the luxury specification market, meeting the rising demand for premium design with intuitive control and operation. 

“Right now, the market is showing demand for new KNX products and as a green sustainable technology, it will create up to 60% energy savings and significantly reduce the carbon footprint of a building."

04_Gira pushbutton sensor 4, Aluminium Black LED Blue

He continued: “Able to be applied to small and large buildings alike, the new Gira pushbutton sensor 4 is designed to be a futureproof solution, which is easily updated via the Gira ETS Service App. This will ensure your device meet the KNX Secure standards for encrypted communications and protect your data at all times.”

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 can be personalised to individual homes, with two, four, six and eight separate button options available. The tactile buttons can be freely assigned depending on the homeowner’s needs and can also be labelled by Gira so that functions are clearly outlined for all users. 

Homeowners can also choose to have LED lights on each button to indicate which functions are in operation. Eight colour settings ensure that users can see what is happening at a glance and for increased efficiency, provide a low-level nightlight in the dark to illuminate the controls. The LEDs can also be dimmed to suit a bedroom or nursery setting where subdued lighting is required. 

01_Gira pushbutton sensor 4

A minimalistic design, the switch is available in Glass Black, Glass White, Aluminium, Stainless Steel and Aluminium Black. This will be extended from October 2020 to include new finishes: pure white glossy, pure white satin matt, black matt, grey matt and anthracite, as well as a PVD coated version in bronze.

The Gira pushbutton sensor 4 is available now. 

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