Habitech hides the bass

UK distributor, Habitech has announced the availability of a new Trufig-inspired slot connector for the Sonance BPS6 TL Thin-Line subwoofer.

The BPS6 TL bandpass subwoofer transmits deep bass frequencies down to 38Hz (±3dB) from its 13-in driver through a port tube to the room, despite its thin-line design. Its 86mm mounting depth is made to install within a standard 2x4 stud bay during the construction phase. 

The availability of a flush-fitting slot connector accessory has made the subwoofer even more discreet by terminating the tube at the wall/ceiling surface. 

Designed to add aesthetic quality of Trufig to any low-profile audio installation, the slot connector replaces a standard three-inch grill accessory to deliver seamless integration with the surface.

The connector, which is solid-cast in glass fibre reinforced Gypsum, can be primed and painted to blend in with the décor of the room.

Installed within the wall cavity, the subwoofer’s design will extend the low frequency performance of any satellite speaker system. The slot connector ensures that the BPS6 TL exceptional bass while maintaining invisibility.  

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