Ingeny Launches Ingeny@home Control and Monitoring System

Ingeny has unveiled Ingeny@home, a wire-free home automation and monitoring system.

systems and devices to help effectively manage and check lighting, heating, CCTV, smoke alarms and leak detection, as well as operating window blinds and multi-room audio solutions.

Ingeny@home app is suitable for a range of smartphones and tablets, combining all home automation needs into a single interface. Simple icons allow one-click monitoring and management of different aspects of the home for added control of everyday life and essential functions. It can be used from any room, or remotely when out, to operate and interact with home electrics or create a command where the system will complete a task automatically.

In addition to  responsive control and proactive monitoring, Ingeny@home uses Z-Wave wireless technology, which operates a “mesh network” that uses repeating signals to deliver a reliable solution throughout a building or property. The wide range of sensors, control modules and wall plugs attach effortlessly and discreetly to existing home fittings, utilities and electricals, communicating with the central control system to monitor and manage the home environment. They can be fitted in a matter of minutes, with no additional wiring and drilling, and all sensors have a battery-life of up to five years.

With Ingeny@home, the interface communicates directly with your router, so no personal data is accessed, collected or analysed via the cloud.


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