Klipsch delivers impact for home cinemas with four new soundbars

Klipsch has launched four new soundbar models with matching subwoofer for home cinema, gaming and music experiences.

The Cinema 400, Cinema 600, Cinema 800, and Cinema 1200 make up the new Klipsch line, which offer an extensive range of movie and music-led features. Each model includes a soundbar and matching wireless subwoofer. 

Klipsch Cinema 400
Available now with an SRP of £379, the new Cinema 400 is designed to be connected easily to TVs (Klipsch includes an HDMI cable). This entry level model provides an upgrade to home gaming/movie/music experiences. 

The Cinema 400 soundbar features a pair of Klipsch Tractrix 1” tweeters and a brace of 3” midrange drivers, accompanied by the wireless 8” subwoofer. 

It has built-in Dolby Audio decoding plus virtual surround, dialogue-enhancing and night modes. 

Klipsch Cinema 600
Building on the entry model, the Cinema 600 features three of the same Klipsch Tractrix tweeter, four of those 76mm midrange drivers. It also includes the more powerful 10” wireless subwoofer. 

The Cinema 600 also includes the Klipsch motion sensing remote, giving users full control even when the lights are low. 

Using its dedicated centre channel, the Cinema 600 enhances the dialogue. Users also have the option of adding Klipsch Surround 3 speakers for a complete 5.1 audio experience. 

Also available now, the Cinema 600 package has an SRP of £549. 

Klipsch Cinema 800
Not available until early next year, with an SRP of £899, the Cinema 8 package introduces Dolby Atmos, enabling 7.1.4 decoding and creating overhead sound for greater immersion. 

This model also handles wireless music streaming, integrating with the whole smart home ecosystem via Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Spotify Connect. 

Offering a 3.1 speaker system, including the Klipsch 10” wireless subwoofer, the Cinema 800 offers 8K video passthrough, enabling seamless integration with the latest TVs and HDMI sources. 

The option to add Klipsch Surround 3 speakers is also available with the Cinema 800, turning the 3.1 system into a 5.1 surround sound system. 

Klipsch Cinema 1200
The flagship of the new lines, the Cinema 1200 soundbar is a 5.1.4 system, complete with wireless surrounds, as well as the 12” wireless subwoofer. 

Pumping 1200 watts of power, the Cinema 1200 fires sound in all directions, including overhead, creating a Dolby Atoms cinematic experience. Its built-in Wi-Fi works with wireless multiroom music streaming from Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and Spotify Connect. 

Crafted from real wood with interchangeable walnut end caps, the Cinema 1200 package will be available early next year with an SRP of £1449.