LG cuts costs with B8 OLED TV

LG has just launched the B8 – the one TV from its 2018 OLED series that we were left in the dark about when it came to pricing and availability. Well, the TV is out now, and pricing is more than reasonable (by the manufacturer’s standards).

We first heard about the B8 back in March when LG unveiled its line-up of ‘AI-enabled’ OLED TVs for 2018 – ranging from the super high-end W8 to the B8 line.

The full TV line is now complete with the release of the B8, offering all the quality of an OLED panel for a lower price than the C8 series for both the LG OLED55B8 and 65-inch LG OLED65B8. In the UK, owning a B8 will come to around £300 less than owning a TV from its sister series, and in the US, it will come at $200 less.

The downside to being £300/$200 better off? Processing power. Whereas B8 TVs incorporate LG’s 2017 alpha7 image processor – C8, E8, G8 and W8 models on the other hand, do benefit from the Korean manufacturer very recently developed alpha9 chip. Those with a trained eye will know that the key difference between the two comes down to High Frame Rate (HFR) content, which is naturally handled better by LG’s newer processor.

We’ve not been treated to a full worldwide release of the B8 just yet however, as some (in countries such as Australia) will have to wait to get their hands on it (and know pricing) until later in 2018.

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