Magico releases the new M7

The Magico M7 is a four-way, six-driver floorstanding loudspeaker

The M7 features the latest Magico drive-unit technology and an organically shaped carbon fiber-and-aluminium enclosure as well as the latest elliptical symmetry crossover. Magico has leveraged tools such as a klippel near-field scanner and a polytec laser doppler vibrometer, among many other advanced tools.

The M7 uses the tweeter designed for the M9. This 28mm driver utilises a beryllium diaphragm with optimised geometry. The diaphragm is then diamond coated using a chemical vapor-deposition process to push the beryllium substrate ever closer to the theoretical ideal. Magico engineers created a new neodymium-based motor system to increase performance. The acoustical performance of the back chamber was improved with careful FEA modelling. The high-frequency detail retrieval of this driver is simply unmatched by any competing design.

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