Mullti-Room Company Introduces Parasound ZoneMaster 1250 Amplifier

Parasound, distributed exclusively in the UK by The Multi-Room Company Ltd., has introduced the ZoneMaster 1250, a powerful, high quality...

Parasound, distributed exclusively in the UK by The Multi-Room Company Ltd., has introduced the ZoneMaster 1250, a powerful, high quality, 12-channel amplifier that is ideal for custom installers building multi-room audio and modular home cinema systems, especially Dolby Atmos. The ZoneMaster 1250 uses a Class AB input stage and premium Class D power stage to achieve a sonic performance consistent with Parasound's audiophile heritage and to meet the demand for quality and dependability from industry professionals. With six independent oversized power supplies the Parasound ZoneMaster 1250 is stabile into 2-ohm loads enabling total output power in excess of 1200 watts RMS with all channels driven. Each channel is rated at 50 watts into 8 ohms, or 90 watts into 4 ohms, and channel pairs can be bridged to provide 6 x 160 watts or 6 x 200 watts with 8 or 4 ohm speakers. It has the potential to bi-amp speakers with up to 400 watts per speaker. The combination of high power and low impedance stability allows for A and B speaker outputs for each channel providing easy connection of up to 24 speakers, and its 2U chassis saves rack space and the cost of additional amplifiers. For applications throughout a home, the Parasound ZoneMaster 1250 can easily drive three high power premium stereo systems with 200 watts per channel, six stereo zones, or 24 in-wall or ceiling speakers for music in every room of the house. It is also a great fit for home cinema, where this single component can be used in combinations of bridged and unbridged channels to easily drive a full home cinema system of significant scale. The 1250 is ideally suited for driving the individual modules of the new Dolby Atmos cinema system. There are independent line inputs and level controls for each channel and two Bus inputs with looping outputs, plus a speaker-level input that can be routed to any zone. In addition, to give custom installers even greater flexibility, there are independent 12-volt and audio triggers with looping 12-volt trigger outputs for each zone, and a global 12-volt trigger. Detachable Phoenix-style speaker connectors accept up to 12-gauge wire. Rack-mounting hardware is included in the box. The Model 1250 offers exceptionally "green" power consumption with 0.5 watt standby power consumption to meet Energy Star and European Union specifications. "In terms of sound quality, build quality, and configuration options, the ZoneMaster Model 1250 is a game-changer in a category populated by cheaply built IC chip amplifiers," says The Multi-Room Company’s product director, Mike Bonnette. "It is as useful for distributed audio as it is for home cinema, where it could augment an AV receiver with 3 x 200 watts plus 4 x 90 watts or as a terrific single-chassis amplifier solution for Dolby Atmos insllations.”

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