Garvan Acoustic launches five new amplifiers

Five new amplifiers have been revealed from Garvan Acoustics, comprising of two and four channel models with DSP and Dante onboard.

Powered by Powersoft, the amplifiers are designed to deliver natural sound diffusion with easy installation. There are two power solutions available: 320 and 600W. Thanks to power sharing, it is possible to manage the power on one or more channels.

All five models feature onboard DSP and the software is controllable via Ethernet. Two of the amplifiers are also equipped with Dante/AES67, the audio networking protocol allowing digital audio to be transmitted over an Ethernet network.

The amplifiers allow control of all Garvan speakers, including passive subwoofers. They have an impedance of 8, 4, and 2 ohms without altering the power output. For example, it allows up to 16 SIC112 flush-mounted speakers to be connected to a four-channel model, obtaining four distinct audio zones.

It is also possible to create 2.1 systems with a single amplifier, and thanks to the DSP, it becomes possible to manage multiple parameters including input matrix, equalisation, delay, limiter, and frequency range for the subwoofer and the satellites.

Pre-sets for the assembly of Garvan speakers will be available soon to help with the installation process.

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