NETGEAR adds to Orbi range with Dual Band Mesh System

NETGEAR has introduced the Orbi Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System, the latest addition to the Orbi Whole Home Wi-Fi System.

Consisting of one router and one or more satellites, the new Orbi Dual Band Mesh Wi-Fi System is best suited to cover a medium to large sized home from 3,000 sq. ft. or higher to provide reliable Wi-Fi for streaming and gaming.

The new offering also features NETGEAR Armor cybersecurity to protect against online threats, as well as including Circle Smart Parental Controls to manage screen time.

Blending seamlessly into homes, it has a new compact and modern design in addition to delivering combined speeds up to 1.2Gbps for households with several internet-connected devices. 

Setup of the system is quick and easy through the Orbi app on an Android or iOS mobile device, which also enables management of the home Wi-Fi. Orbi also works with either Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant enabling voice management of frequently used functions like enabling guest Wi-Fi. 

Using the award-winning Orbi technology, households can simultaneously game, stream and surf the internet using the high-performance whole home Wi-Fi. 

For larger homes or those with complex architectural designs, there is the option to have additional satellites on the network. 

“At NETGEAR, we are expanding our Orbi lineup because we believe that everyone deserves the best Wi-Fi experience,” said David Henry, senior vice president of Connected Home Products at NETGEAR. 

“With the introduction of this new dual band Orbi offering, we are making the Orbi technology more accessible for a broader audience by addressing the Wi-Fi needs of every household.”

He continued: “The hallmark of any Orbi system is the elimination of dead spots and the new kit continues to deliver on this expectation of ensuring coverage from end to end within your home.”

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