Niko Releases New Connected Controller

Niko Home Control has recently released the Connected Controller, which is a single module that now replaces the four existing modules — Power Supply, Controller, IP Interface and Gateway — at a list price saving of £325.00.

A ‘lite’ version is also available combining the existing power supply and controller into one module. This makes the already cost-efficient installation, even better value for money.

The Connected Controller is the central module of every Niko Home Control installation. It covers all basic functions on which a Niko Home Control installation is built, including power supply, IP interface and Gateway.

The basic functions of the controller include the built-in power supply, which provides an input voltage of 26V to the bus, the cabinet modules and the controls. Depending on the size of the installation, separate power supply modules can be added.


A built-in router allows the user to connect up to three devices, including touchscreens and external video units. With an extra switch, this number can be increased. 

The connection to the home network and the internet enables the user to control the installation both indoors and outdoors (via mobile networks such as 3G, GPRS or Wi-Fi hotspot) using mobile devices (smartphones and tablets with iOS or Android). It also ensures that you can use the Niko Home Control User settings software on PC/Mac and mobile devices.

The module includes a TEST button to verify the proper functioning and status of all other modules. Using the PROG button you can carry out temporary basic programming, without a computer. The service button allows you to perform waiting upgrades.

After registration your installation is "connected", enabling remote control, and you can enjoy the Niko services for upgrade or diagnosis of the installation. 

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