Origin Acoustics bolsters Director and LCR ranges

Origin Acoustics has announced that it is shipping updated models of its Director Series and LCR Collections of loudspeakers.

The second-generation of the manufacturer’s Director 3-way models have been redesigned to have a smaller form factor, with depth reduced by up to 2 inches. The series benefits from improved offers improved output sensitivity by an average of 3dB to decrease power requirements in multi-room settings.

Furthermore ultra-pivot mids and tweeters now reside in a more secure mechanism with a directional focus of critical mid and high frequencies. All models continue to feature the X-Wave Surround in the woofers.

The interior of the baffle on the Director collection has been fitted with a Variable Depth Absorption Layer (VDAL), a rubberised insert to reduce resonance and mid and high frequency reflections.

Other tweaks include the grilled magnets found on the Origin tool-less installation mounting rings are now being enclosed in the plastic, protecting them from moisture and temperature extremes.

The model numbers of the new models now incorporate odd number SKUs (previously even) and consist of the LCR69, LCR67 and LCR65 in the LCR Collection and the Director 10-in is now the D109, the 8-in is the D81 and 6-in is the D65.

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