Parasound adds three new CI amps

Parasound has unveiled three new models to its ZoneMaster range of custom installation amplifiers.

Designed for multizone audio installations, the new models are made up of the two-channel ZM 2, the four-channel ZM 4, and the 12-channel ZM 12, which provides 12 channels of amplification for up to 24 speakers. 

The ZM 4 has two output zones which can operate from a common source bus or independently from two separate sources. Each channel has individually adjustable line-level gain controls and the output for each zone can be mono or stereo. Using Phoenix-style speaker connectors, it can power up to eight speakers using the A+B speaker outputs. Loop outputs are provided to enable daisy chaining additional amplifiers. 

The ZoneMaster ZM 4

Packaged in a small form factor, the half-width ZM 2 has similar performance for a single zone but also includes an 80 Hz low-pass filter for subwoofers. The filter can be applied to the main amplifier outputs for use with passive subwoofers in mono or stereo mode. Up to four speakers can be powered using the A+B outputs.

Driving 150 watts per channel into 4-ohm and 2-ohm loads and 120 watts for 8-ohm speakers, both amplifiers can be turned on using 12V triggers, audio detection, or front panel button. For flexibility, the ZM 4 allows users to switch on all zones or individual zones. 

The ZoneMaster ZM 2

The ZM 12 amplifier is a 12-channel, 2-ohm stable power amplifier for residential or commercial audio systems with flexible power options for stereo audio in six zones, and up to 24 individual speakers. 

It drives two channels at 120 watts each into 8-ohms, with the remaining 10 channels at 60 watts each. With 4-ohm speakers typical of architectural audio, the ratings are 150 and 100 watts respectively. There are also A+B speaker outputs for each channel. 

Parasound president, Richard Schram explained: “Providing higher power for two of the 12 channels seems obvious now that we’ve done it. Nearly all installations have a zone which can sing nicely with higher power, either a large room, outdoor speakers, or a room for serious stereo listening.”

The ZoneMaster ZM 12

Each channel has an individual line-level input jack, level control, and two detachable Phoenix-connector speaker outputs. Each zone can connect to one of the two line-level buses or to a speaker-level input bus. Daisy-chaining amplifiers is possible with buffered loop outputs. 

The ZM 12 has various switch on options, including an all zone turn on with a switch to select either a single 12V trigger or audio sensing and each zone can be independently turned on by 12V or audio sensing. 

Parasound’s ZoneMaster ZM 2, ZM 4, and ZM 12 are available now in the UK from Connected Distribution at retail prices including VAT of £599, £1,199, and £2,999 respectively. 

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