Philips Hue’s latest kits illuminate the walls

Philips wants lighting to be fun, and what better way then bringing colours to walls around the home?

Creating the effect of lighting up the walls with Philips Hue products may be nothing new for some, but now there’s kits specifically intended for it.

The Hue Play and Hue Signe allow users to fill and change colour from floor to ceiling on walls.

philips hue play kit's pink lighting next to chair and plant

Designed as a narrow, vertical fixture, Philips’ ‘Signe’ is intended to provide flexibility to illuminating spaces without taking up space in a room, whilst the ‘Play’ takes the form of upward-facing bar to specifically bring a glow to the space around a home cinema set-up. Regardless of this, the lighting kits could essentially work anywhere in the home, outside of being used to enhance the movie-watching, listening or game-playing experience when lamps or light strips won’t suffice.

Both kits will be launched in the first half of September ahead of shipping in October.

In the US, the Play kit will start at $70, with a $10 saving on two-piece kit ($130) and Signe options will start at $160 for a ‘table-sized’ light and rises to $250 for a large, floor-standing light. Watch this space for European pricing.