Rako upgrades lighting control hub for added functionality

Smart lighting control manufacturer, Rako has announced upgrades to its HUB interface to increase functionality and simplify third-party integration.

Simplifying remote access, the HUB now automatically enables fast and secure access to Rako cloud services via the Rako app, without the need for port forwarding via a home router. Once a MyRako account has been created to enable connection to multiple properties fitted with a Rako HUB, integrators can control and manage system information remotely.

The company has also added the ability to use its patented NFC wireless communication technology with the HUB, allowing integrators to take any Rako NFC product and place it on the HUB’s pad for simple programming and connection to the system. To enable this feature in all Rako HUBs, users should do a simple software upgrade via the web interface.

Third-party integration has also been enhanced with native support of Silent Gliss integration and new drivers added for ELAN and Crestron Home. As it connects with Rako Cloud services, the HUB supports all major branded smart home speakers, including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Home.

The HUB is not an essential requirement to operate a Rako systems but the benefits it brings aims to simplify control. It is available in two versions to complement Rako’s wired and wireless product range, while it also provides the unique ability for a seamless link between a Rako wired and wireless lighting system. Rako’s lighting control is independent of Wi-Fi, adding the benefit of a reliable and robust network.

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