Retrotouch unveils smart switches for Philips Hue Lighting control

Retrotouch has announced that it has become official ‘Friends of Hue’, supplying wireless, smart light switches featuring an ‘always on’ system to give consumers smart control of their Philips Hue Lighting.

The new switches address the issue of a home’s wireless smart lighting connections being cut off from smart functions if a light switch is manually switched off. They include all the connections needed to create an ‘always on’ circuit so the smart bulbs always have power.

The switches will still work as normal to flick lights on and off, but the lighting circuit will always remain on so that Philips Hue is ready and working when the user requires it. The lighting can be controlled from the switch, Hue app, HomeKit, voice and motion functions.

The Retrotouch Friends of Hue switches can be fitted to replace an existing light switch or used as a wireless, battery-free solution which can be stuck onto any wall for convenience. Completely wireless, the switches do not need batteries or a power cable and are as durable and reliable as a traditional wired switch.

Featuring EnOcean harvesting technology, each press of the switch generates enough energy to send a radio signal to the Philips Hue Bridge, eliminating the need for batteries and giving up to 30 metres range.

With stylish aesthetics, the switches feature a premium glass finish in either white or black with the option of a chrome trim added. The switches come with either one or two buttons. Customers can also choose to have a Retrotouch glass frame surround for the magnetic Philips Hue smart button to ensure it matches the other switches in the range. Matching sockets and accessories are also available, including double or single plug and charging sockets, TV and telephone sockets.

Retrotouch Friends of Hue switches are available now for £59.99.

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