Review: XGIMI Elfin projector

The new Elfin projector from XGIMI packs in multiple smart features to deliver a great home cinema experience but in a very small, lightweight portable package.

As many consumers are moving towards more of a cinema experience to watch their movies at home, the demand for projectors is rising fast. The appeal for a multi-use room at home rather than a dedicated cinema room is growing.

XGIMI’s latest projector release is a perfect solution to this, allowing users to watch their favourite TV programmes as well as giving them the option to have a full cinematic experience at home for a price similar to a TV at £649.

The affordable, 1080p projector is capable of delivering up to a 200” picture using its 800 ANSI lumens. The great thing about the projector is it can be used in small rooms too, with a 100” picture produced from just 2.6m away. For a 1080p display, the picture is very impressive.

Throw distances of the Elfin projector. Credit: XGIMI

In contrast to some of XGIMI’s chunky projectors, the compact Elfin projector is portable, weighing just 0.9kg and measuring 192.1 x 194.19 x 48.31 mm. However, it doesn’t have a battery which can limit placement and outdoor use, but as long as you have somewhere to plug it in wherever you go, it’s the perfect size and weight for a portable projector.

Elfin is a very attractive device with a white chassis and rounded edges to give it a sleek, modern look.

For the size of the projector, I was very impressed by the two 3W Harmon Kardon speakers that are built in. They produce a good amount of sound that easily fills an average sized living room. The noise of the actual projector is near enough silent, which is great to make the movie experience even more immersive.

As a portable projector that is self sufficient with Android TV built in, it is a nice bonus to have the option of connecting an output from another device via the HDMI 2.0 or USB 2.0 ports. Other than an audio jack and a power button, there are no other controls on the projector meaning that the user must use the Bluetooth remote control to operate the projector. This could pose a problem if the remote control is lost or runs out of battery when on the go. The controller is an ergonomic triangular design for comfort and ease of use.

Initial set up requires an Android log in in and connecting to Wi-Fi. After that, the projector is plug-and-play with a very fast start up to Android TV which gives a seamless experience. The settings menus are well displayed and easy to use, allowing for a fast initial set up.

One of my favourite features of this projector is the Automatic Keystone Correction, ideal for a projector that will not stay in a fixed location. It gives the user the freedom to place the projector almost anywhere in a room and the Automatic Keystone Correction will ensure the picture is central and to the perfect ratio while also avoiding any objects such as pictures or lamps. The Auto Focus feature also ensures the picture is always sharp and as clear as possible for the best user experience.

Although designed to be portable, the projector can also be mounted upside down to a ceiling and the picture will automatically rotate. It also features a screw hole in the bottom designed to mount on a tripod.

One of the biggest downsides to the Elfin is the lack of Netflix support. It’s unusual that a brand new device would not natively support an app such as Netflix and is a big downfall for me. However, the Elfin has Chromecast built-in so you can cast Netflix from another device.

As a portable projector, it would be nice to have a physical lens cover. The Elfin does feature an anti-scratch lens protector but it would make me feel better about putting it in a bag if it had an actual cover for the lens.

Overall, the XGIMI Elfin is a very impressive portable projector and is capable of delivering a great cinema experience at home or on the go (wherever there’s a plug socket!). It’s also great to take to someone else’s house to show holiday videos and photos for example. And at £649, it’s a real competitor to a TV!