Roku debuts first home audio offering

Roku has intro’d the fruits of its work to offer the complete entry-level home cinema experience with its first speakers, designed to improve sound on its TVs whilst being as simple to use as possible.

Seeking to tackle the age-old issue of poor quality TV audio at a mass market price, Roku’s newly introduced wireless speaker pairs work just with its televisions for now, which seems like a fairly limited approach in such a competitive marketplace…

Introduced at a demo event in NY, the bookshelf units are rather generic in appearance and are designed to be discreet as possible sitting beside different TVs.

The speakers support Bluetooth connectivity, although are not yet compatible with standard Roku set-top boxes – the manufacturer has instead prioritised on working with its Voice Remote and its Touch controller (for quick access to volume control and video, and more), both of which they ship with as part of a starter package.

Previously Roku’s ventures in audio were limited to the built-in speakers of TCL Roku TVs, but with this launch and its strong focus on its wireless speaker platform for the home at CES 2018, it’s clear the company is clearly ramping up its focus on supporting all aspects of the movie-watching experience (that is, as long as you have its products).

The Roku TV wireless speakers are available for $150 in the US, which will rise to $200 when they officially go on sale later this year.

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